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Now Designs by Danica

Now Designs by Danica creates home decor items that are both breathtakingly beautiful and decidedly functional. The collection's industry-leading selection of solid color kitchen and table linens complements an evolving array of printed and patterned products.

Danica Studio

Danica Studio is an invaluable source of stylish, au courant accessories. The well-rounded collections are comprised of kitchen linens, mugs, coordinating ceramics, table linens, cosmetic bags, doormats, and home accessories.

Ecologie by Danica

Ecologie by Danica offers fun and colourful alternatives to single-use plastic and paper products in the form of Swedish Sponge Cloths and Beeswax Wraps and Bags.

Danica Heirloom

Rich colours and intriguing textures make up this curated collection of linens, floor coverings and tabletop items that is Danica Heirloom. Focused on the handmade and sourced with care.

Danica Jubilee

Danica Jubilee is a celebration of a rainbow spectrum of colors, amazing adventures, furry friends and many of the happy things in life.

We distribute four brands in Canada, each with a unique offering of kitchenware and serveware.

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