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    bamboo utensil set

    Liven up spring & summer with these attractive, hard-working bamboo utensils. Get the quintessential all white set or go cheerful with the multicoloured set.

    ban bland from the kitchen
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    Award winning Rice Cube and Dumpling Cube
    Rice Cube dumpling cube

    Cube almost any food with Rice Cube. From sushi to dessert. Say goodbye to mats & sticky rice.

    Make perfect dumplings, turnovers, samosas or pierogies easily with our award winning Dumpling Cube.

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    Introducing Staybowlizer
    Introducing Staybowlizer
    your third hand

    Staybowlizer is a kitchen helper that suction locks bowls securely onto kitchen counters. This device is heat resistant and can also be used as a double boiler.

    Click here to learn more.

    get your third hand in the kitchen