Ripple Towel Retains Top Spot
    Number One Ripple Towel

    What the Testers had to say: "Our previous winner still impressed with its streak-free drying, soft fabric, and excellent absorption. After rigorous use and more than 26 laundry cycles, this towel showed no signs of fraying."

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    Award winning Rice Cube and Dumpling Cube
    Rice Cube dumpling cube

    Cube almost any food with Rice Cube. From sushi to dessert. Say goodbye to mats & sticky rice.

    Make perfect dumplings, turnovers, samosas or pierogies easily with our award winning Dumpling Cube.

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    THAT!'s a winner!
    THAT! wins gia award
    2015 gia Global innovative award

    THAT! Inventions recently won the following gia awards which honor innovation and excellence in the housewares industry:

    2015 Best Product Design
    for Scoop THAT!

    2015 Best Collection Design
    for the Heat THAT! Series

    THAT! is amazing